Evaluate: Doritos Candy & Tangy BBQ Chips

Doritos Candy & Tangy BBQ-flavored tortilla chips provide the crunch and taste of Doritos corn tortilla chips with the a candy and tangy BBQ taste.

A 9.25-oz bag goes for a urged value of $5.59 however I acquired this courtesy of Doritos.

Opening the bag launched a reasonably normal BBQ chips aroma together with the underlying scent of fried corn tortilla.

The place BBQ-flavored potato chips are usually orange, Doritos Candy & Tangy BBQ are yellow speckled with reddish brown. Now that I give it some thought, ought to they be each be reddish to symbolize BBQ sauce?

Taste-wise, the chips are value of the title, as there’s sturdy candy and tangy flavors to go along with a lesser notes of smoke and only a contact of spicy warmth.

General, Doritos Candy & Tangy BBQ-flavored tortilla chips turned out fairly nicely with a conventional BBQ chip-type taste pushed simply barely additional within the candy and tangy path. It’d simply be that I am simply used to BBQ-flavored potato chips however BBQ-flavored tortilla chips strike me as only a bit bizarre.

Dietary Data – Doritos Candy & Tangy BBQ-flavored tortilla chips
Serving Measurement – about 11 chips (28g)
Energy – 150 (from Fats – 90)
Fats – 7g (Saturated Fats – 1g)
Sodium – 190mg
Carbs – 18g (Sugar – 1g)
Protein – 2g